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The terms and conditions upon which we sell and supply wedding cakes would be listed on our website,

Before confirming your order please:
Read through these Terms and Conditions and by ordering any of the Goods listed on our Website or Social media pages, you will be agreeing to be legally bounded by these Conditions. You will be unable to proceed with your purchase if you do not accept these Terms and Conditions and these may also be modified from time to time on the website.

We reserve the right to revise and amend the Website, the disclaimers and the Conditions at any time without any notice. It is the Client’s responsibility to check regularly and to keep up to date of the changes to the Terms and Conditions.



If any cake orders has been affected by an emergency National Lockdown placed by the

Government, then we will be following the Government Guidelines. If, United Kingdom is entering

the National Lockdown Phase and the client is unable to go ahead as planned with their event, we will be offering the following options:

1. If the cake has been prepared, we would be deducting any product costs and labour costs that

have been incurred with an administration fee of 10% from the Total Amount Payable.

2. If the products have not been prepared as of the notice of the National Lockdown, then we will be

refunding any payments made however deducting the cost of an administration fee of 10% from the total amount payable.

3. If your event has been affected by the Country’s National Lockdown, the client will have the option to change the date of their event and the deposit paid can be moved to the new date as requested, subject to availability, within and around Greater London.

4. The client would have the option to turn to a smaller cake package, if a smaller event has been organised, within and around Greater London.


If in any case the Bride or Groom or any immediate family member has been affected by any type of the Covid disease and the event is cancelled on/before the main day or 2 weeks prior to the event then we will only reschedule the event to a new available date.

Refunds will not be provided.


Grand Wedding Cakes will not be responsible for any consequential loss of the customer whether this arises from a breach of contract/Act of God/Force Majeure or any other way. Liability for any claim arising, shall not exceed the price of the products supplied by us to the client.


At all times we would try and liaise all information through the best possible ways to the Clients. Information would need to provided through the agreed portals to be able to achieve a satisfactory and clear communication. The client agrees that communication via email, phone and electronic media are acceptable means of communication.


The design of the cake setup would be discussed with the Client prior to sending the invoice via a telephone call, chat service or email. An invoice would be provided via email stating all the details discussed regarding the cake structure/design/delivery and payment. The invoice will specify the payment/s that need to be made for the deposit to confirm the order. The final payment which would

need to be made will also be stated. Following that, receipts will be provided for the deposit payment. 

Payments can be made in full if you wish.

Once a deposit payment has been made the client is accepting the Terms and Conditions. It would be the responsibility of the client to read the Terms and Conditions and make sure they understand the points stated before they make any deposit or full payments.


We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to confirm the order and to reserve the date. The remaining 50% is required at least 1 week before the final date of the cake. Failure of the final payment can cause cancellation of the cake order or a delayed setup.

Orders placed less than 3 weeks will need to be paid in full.

An order is only set to be confirmed if your deposit payment has been made.
Once the client has paid a deposit, the client would be committing to a minimum spend to hold a date in the diary. If the event in any circumstances will not be going ahead then the deposit payment will not be refundable as this will counter to cover the loss of business which had been refused for this date.


All enquiries made via all communication portals are subject to change.

Enquiries/quotations given will be held for 7 days and then will be subject to change depending on the circumstances.


All of our cakes are carefully handmade and are decorated by our specialist dedicated teams. Due to the manufacturing process of the cakes, there may be slight changes to the internal colour of the cake aswell as external.
If a picture has been shown to us to replicate a design from our profile, there may be slight changes to the design or setup, however all consideration would be taken to replicate to the same image/ design/structure.

If an inspirational image has been provided to us to replicate then we will use our own discretion to make it a unique design.


In most setups we would be required to setup the structures (especially large and tall structures) using non-edible material. To ensure the stability of the cakes we would be using non-edible ingredients such as plastic dowels, decorations, ribbon pins, sugar flower wire, dowels and other materials. We therefore strongly recommend that you do not consume these products and that these products are used only for decor purposes and are removed before consumption.

We will not accept responsibility for any injuries suffered by the client or any other third party following the consumption of such items. Our liability for such injuries are excluded to the amount that the law allows.

If any section of your cake setup is made using non-edible material or products such as dummy tiers, you will be clearly notified when placing your order. Once the design has been agreed by us, the client and it has been signed by paying the deposit, it will be the Clients responsibility to make sure they understand which cake tier to cut into during the ceremony.

We will not be responsible for any damage occurred, if the client has cut into the incorrect section of the cake.


We will at most cases deliver the cake at the arranged time slot. However due to road circumstances, weather and other severe emergency situations delivery maybe delayed.  In such cases refunds or discounts are not applied.


Delivery and setup would depend on how long and how much it takes to go from the delivery van to the setup location in the hall. It is the Client’s responsibility to make sure a suitable and easily accessible location is made to not delay the setup of the cake. It would be the Clients responsibility to notify Grand Wedding Cakes well in advance about accessibility and venue access.

With any delays occurring Grand Wedding Cakes will not be held responsible for the delay of setup.

Once setup has been finalised, Grand Wedding Cakes will not be responsible for any damages caused to the cake after the cake has been fully setup or during the event. Client will also need to notify their suppliers to have the additional features of their event prepared

e.g. dance floor before the arrival of our company to setup.


After the cake has been dismantled from the setup, Grand wedding cakes takes no responsibility of serving to the guests.

The cakes would be passed onto the Secondary contact person, stated in the  invoice and it would be their responsibility to make sure the kitchen staff are aware to cut and serve the cake.

Grand Wedding Cakes takes no responsibility of cutting, plating or serving the cake.


Large and tall structures would be made using dummy tiers only. Real cakes will not be used in tall structures. We will be providing the real cakes on the side, meaning the real cakes that have been discussed in the package will be kept on the side. These would be kept safe with Grand wedding cakes team and then passed onto the secondary contact person after the cake cutting ceremony.

Side cakes will be kept plain with no design, however they would be boxed up ready to pass on to

the secondary contact person.


All equipment that has been discussed during consultation or stated in the invoice will be included in the price quotation. Any equipment added after the quotation will be subject to an additional fee. Any dummy tiers, flower bases, flower separators, chandelier stands, tables, tea light candles, initials are all part of Grand wedding cakes equipment and are hired only. They will not be given

to the client under any circumstances.


Once setup and delivery has been made, we cannot be held responsible for any damage to the cake. Grand wedding cakes will not be liable for any damages caused to the cake after setup has been completed. It is the Clients responsibility to make sure no damage is made by guests/hotel/venue staff members. No refunds will be made.

We strictly accept no liability for cakes that are damaged after they have been delivered to the agreed location.


It is the clients responsibility to inform us of any allergies.

Our cakes are made in an environment where nuts and eggs are used. If customers wish to proceed with orders, they will be taking on the responsibility of nut and egg allergy awareness with guests.

All our packages state ‘Traces Of Nuts’. Eggless cakes are also made in an environment where nuts are handled.


Consultation meetings are arranged by appointment only. A suitable date and time will be organised

with the client. A fee would be charged for the consultation.


Grand Wedding Cakes will be taking photographs and making small video presentations of all cakes. Every cake would be displayed on social media including on the Grand Wedding Cakes website/social media. This applies to all cake media to date.

It would be the Client's responsibility to notify us if they would not like to have themselves as Bride

and Groom or any third party online on social media.


If there are any issues or concerns regarding the cake after the event, the Client would have 24hours to get back to us and share their concern. A refund will not be issued if the product has been consumed and we are unable to evaluate the product to provide a fair decision. If there are any other issues we would request the client to contact us immediately and we can

evaluate and advise accordingly.


All information held by Grand Wedding Cakes will be held according to the Data Protection Act. No information will be forwarded to third parties unless permission has been granted. All information will be kept for record purposes.


Whilst any information or prices shown on the website are kept as up-to-date as possible, Grand Wedding Cakes reserves the right to change the quoted prices without notice and customers should confirm prices when placing their order.
Placing an order with Grand Wedding Cakes is taken as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


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